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November 16, 2012 Leave a comment

OUR HEALTHY MAKEOVER…just in time for the Holidays!!

As you probably know by now, we’ve redesigned and re-launched our website in an effort to make your shopping experience more informative and hassle-free.  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, please visit and look around.  We hope you like what you see!


Aside from our new look, you’ll notice a bunch of great new features designed to enhance your overall experience on  As you shop (or maybe you’re just visiting to learn more About Us), here are some of the key improvements you’ll enjoy:


Ratings: You can now rate and read reviews about all of our products…all part of our initiative to bring our Healthy Family closer together.  This is probably the new feature we are most excited about!!


Want to tell your Facebook friends about your favorite Healthy product?  Go ahead and SPREAD THE HEALTH by sharing!!


You’ll find a new and improved “Ingredients” section with images, ingredient definitions, and comprehensive “found in” content…all of the information you need to make Healthy choices about your daily beauty routine.



We’re constantly refreshing our collection to fit the needs of our customers and our industry’s trends. Now we’re bringing that same simple strategy to — we’re going to create exclusive sets for our family based on what you want, love, and need the most. And don’t be surprised if we ask YOU to create sets for US…after, that is the essence of this strategy!!


All of our “on sale” items are clearly organized in one section to better steer you toward our most Healthy bargains. We’ll update this section with awesome deals regularly, so be sure to stop in often.

Further, we’ve created a PERKS page that highlights all of our current promotions.  Free Shipping offers, Gift-with-Purchase offers, discounts, etc…you’ll find it all here!

We really hope you like our new site!!  We’ve added some great new content, but more importantly – we’ve now given YOU the opportunity to produce content along with us.  So check out our new look and start spreading the Health by rating and sharing your favorite products.

And as always, we’d like to express our appreciation for having such an incredible community of fans.  PLEASE ENJOY 20% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER, 11/16/2012 thru 11/18/2012.  USE PROMO CODE LAVRELAUNCH AT CHECKOUT.



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April 10, 2012 1 comment

Last year, we had an awesome time with our Earth Day initiative.  Adding to our already-successful partnership with the Nature Conservancy’s “Plant a Billion Trees” program (we “plant a tree” for every order placed on, we decided to PLANT A TREE for every facebook fan we received between 4/21/2011 and 4/22/2011 as a special homage to the very ecosystem that provides all of our 100% natural ingredients.

The program was a huge success for us – we added 700+ fans on facebook, and in turn we planted 700+ trees.  So naturally, we’re doing it again this year…but this time we’re upping the ante!!

We’re extending the dates because we’re celebrating Earth MONTH (not Earth Day).  And not only are we going to Plant a Tree for every new “like” on facebook between now and 4/30, we’re also going to give our entire community 30% off their entire purchase once we hit 4,000 “likes” (

All we ask is that you pass this along to your friends and family who will appreciate our vision and embrace our brand.  In return, we’ll plant hundreds (thousands??) of trees and give you 30% off any purchase on

As usual, thanks for helping us SPREAD THE HEALTH!!


Dates:  April 10 thru April 30 (11:59pm EST on 4/30) 

Partner: The Nature Conservancy



Why Trees?

Trees are a crucial part of the Earth’s ecosystem. They are green machines that naturally clean our air and water by absorbing pollutants and stabilizing soil.

What is LAVANILA’s interest in planting trees? 

LAVANILA is committed to business and manufacturing practices that minimize our impact on the environment.  Planting trees provides breathable air, drinkable water, fertile soils and a stable climate.  We are proud of our ability to make an immediate difference.


Who is the Nature Conservancy?

The Nature Conservancy is the leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.

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LAVANILA Honors Mother Nature for Mother’s Day

May 2, 2011 3 comments

All of us at LAVANILA are looking forward to celebrating our Moms on Sunday…gifts, flowers, pampering, rest and relaxation…you name it, our Moms deserve it.  We wouldn’t be here today without our Mothers, and it’s not even possible for us to properly express our gratitude for making us who we are.

And our Brand is no different.  LAVANILA wants to honor its Mother this week as well, so please join us as salute MOTHER NATURE for providing us with the finest natural ingredients to put in our 100% Healthy collection.  Our brand would not exist today without Mother Nature…so, THANKS MOM!!!



In the spirit of Mother’s Day, please join us in showing our appreciation for Mother Nature.  In your own unique way, we would like you to show your appreciation for Mother Nature.  From now until Wednesday the 4th of May, please share a photo, video, poem, or just express your love for Mother Nature in any way you’d like on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

On Thursday May 5th, we will select the 5 most creative, inspiring and fun wall posts from our fans and let the rest of you vote for the winner (the most likes on our Facebook page will WIN).

The 5 finalists will have a few days to share their entry with their friends and the submission with the most fan votes (likes) will win an enormous gift basket from LAVANILA (pictured).  This includes one of every product we sell. The retail value of 1 of everything we sell is $1,200+, so get creative, and show us what you’ve got!!

Thank you in advance for your participation and we can’t wait to read your wall posts!

Our Beginning. Our Blog. Your Brand.

April 15, 2011 2 comments

I used to sneeze every time I wore perfume.  My eyes would water, and I would sneeze.  It wasn’t really brand-specific either… I had this reaction to pretty much every fine fragrance I tried.  Why?  What ingredient

(ingredients) was causing this reaction?  Why can’t I smell great without the irritation?  Laura DiGirolamo, my dear friend and eventual business partner, experienced the same problems with her fragrances, and then some:  sneezing, headaches, nausea, and irritation.

Honestly, that’s how this whole thing started…

Why were we sneezing and crying when we put on our favorite fine fragrances?  The simple answer:  CHEMICALS.  Phthlates, Petrochemicals, Propylene Glycol, Silicone, Sulfates, Parabens. to name a few of the culprits specifically.  Traditional fragrances feature these chemicals prominently in their formulations, so we figured maybe we should just stay away from these products.  Easy enough I guess.

But wait…the beauty products we had been using for years contain chemicals that are probably giving us headaches and making us sneeze.  Really?!  Are there other by-products of these ingredients?  Are there more serious health risks here?  Yes and yes.  Phthlates have been linked to birth defects.  Parabens and sulfates are often flagged in Cancer research.  Petrochemicals are used to make things like explosives and pesticides.  Why are these things in our perfume?

So our personal curiosity turned into a professional crusade.  The story was no longer sneezing and headaches – it became much bigger and more important than that.  It became about HEALTH.  We were so passionate about the harmful effects of the harsh chemicals that poisoned our daily beauty routines that we were compelled to act.  Could we create a fragrance and beauty collection completely free of harsh chemicals and 100% Healthy, while delivering a sophisticated, luxurious scent in the process?  Why not?

The result – LAVANILA.  We are so incredibly proud to bring you the world’s premier 100% HEALTHY Collection of elegant, luxurious beauty products.  Completely free of Harsh Chemicals.  No Petrochemicals, Phthlates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oils, Silicone, Synthetic Dyes, Sulfates, or Parabens.  Instead of using harsh chemicals, we packed our products with immune-supporting botanicals, anti-oxidants, pure essential oils, and 30 essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

So as long as we are fortunate enough to do so, we’ll create HEALTHY products for you to enjoy.  The only thing we ask in return is that you help us SPREAD THE HEALTH!!

We’re going to continue to use this space to tell you about product launches, promotions, philanthropic efforts, industry news, and personal triumphs.  We look forward to our HEALTHY journey together…

Naturally yours,

Danielle Raynor & Laura DiGirolamo

Founders of Lavanila Laboratories