LAVANILA’s Five Finalists: “Thanks to Mother Nature” Contest

Once again, we’re overwhelmed by the power and creativity of our loyal fans.  We knew you’d all come strong with some great submissions to our “Thanks to Mother Nature” contest, but we’d be lying if we said we knew you guys were going to be this awesome!!

For Mother’s Day, we asked you to come up with a way to honor LAVANILA’s Mom (Mother Nature, of course).  No other rules, really.  Just post something on our wall – a picture, a video, a story, a poem, etc – to express your appreciation for Mother Nature…the Mom that gave us all of the ingredients necessary to start our Healthy brand (among other things, obviously).

And as usual…you delivered!!!

Before we get to the 5 finalists for this contest…we wanted to enthusiastically thank YOU ALL for your creativity, passion, and effort throughout this contest…and in support of our brand in general.  As a tangible sign of our appreciation, we’re giving away a free Healthy Deodorant (you will LOVE this product!!) with your next purchase on to ALL who submitted an entry to this contest.  We’ll contact each of you with a specific code as soon as the contest is over.  We really were amazed with everybody’s thoughtfulness!!

Since this was a contest (with a HUGE, AWESOME prize), we did have to choose 5 finalists (although we wish everybody could win).  While it was nearly impossible to pick just 5, here are the best of the best submissions chosen by our esteemed panel of Healthy judges (alphabetical order, first name):

Adriane Coblentz Herring
Adriane Coblentz Herring

 Adriane Coblentz Herring:  Adriane clearly gets it!!  Not only does she explain how she ENJOYS Mother Nature in her anecdote, she also tells us how she goes out of her way to PRESERVE Mother Nature.  We love the selflessness and eco-consciousness…

 Brooke Whisnant:  Brooke graced our wall with an incredibly well-written, original poem that delivered a beautiful homage to Mother Nature.  And in the true spirit of Mother’s Day, Brooke eloquently describes how her bond with Mother Nature is now shared with her daughter as well

Brooke Whisnant
Brooke Whisnant

Mimi N Damwyk:  Even if Mimi doesn’t win this contest, she might just have a future in LAVANILA’s marketing department!!  Mimi wowed us with a photo of a smiley face.  What makes that so exceptional, you ask?  It’s possible it might have slipped past some, but the most astute LAVANILA fans will notice that Mimi used a Vanilla Bean for the mouth!!  And we don’t have confirmation, but it looks as though the rest of the face is comprised of LAVANILA ingredients as well (is that Tiare flower as the bow?!?!).  While the bottle of Pure Vanilla Body Butter in the photo is clearly causing the happy face to smile (J), it’s Mimi’s creativity and knowledge of our brand that make us grin from ear to ear.

Mimi N Damwyk
Mimi N Damwyk

Sabrina Quintana Another awesome anecdotal submission!!  Sabrina honors Mother Nature with a beautiful commentary about how a natural and organic lifestyle has improved her family’s general well-being.  We couldn’t agree more with her post, and we are so thankful that LAVANILA has touched her family’s life in a positive way.  We’ll continue to make our Healthy products so that Sabrina and the rest of you can always enjoy them, and we thank Sabrina for recognizing that LAVANILA (and other brands like us) are trying to make a Healthy difference in this world!!

Sabrina Quintana (Nieto)
Sabrina Quintana (Nietone of our fans wrote “LAVANILA, this could be your first commercial”. We’d be

Stacey Rastetter:  If you haven’t already seen Stacey’s video, you should check it out asap.  In response to this videl one of our fans wrote “LAVANILA, this could be your first commercial”.  We’d be HONORED to have such a creative/heartwarming/relevant video as our commercial…and that pretty much sums up how good this submission was.  We’re guessing Stacey’s little masterpiece will press our fans to continue to push the envelope in future contests.  We wish we had more to say about this submission, but we’re still in awe!!

Stacey Rastetter
Stacey Rastetter

Starting now, people will be allowed to vote “like” which submission they think should win the MOTHER OF ALL LAVANILA SETS – which is one of everything that we make, and it is valued at more than $1200.00.  “Voting” will be open through Sunday, and the winner will be announced on Monday morning (5/9).  So please encourage all of your friends/family/facebook community to vote for you!! VOTE HERE

While the true intent of this contest was to honor Mother Nature for Mother’s Day and offer our loyal Healthy community an opportunity to win some great prizes, we are reminded of how lucky we are to have all of you in our Healthy family.  Some of our best content comes from you, and we urge you all to continue to provide us with great content that we can all share and learn from.  Let’s never stop SPREADING THE HEALTH!!


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